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Guaro Night Tour and BBQ dinner

“Guaro Tour” is a festival-night tour , a way to show how are made of different liquors, especially Guaro de Caña, flagship of rural families of yesteryear. See how the Sugar Cane Liquor is produced, which has a tasting area, you see how it makes the process of distillation and manufacture of liquor. The tour includes a "secret visit" to a channel that is planted in the land around the Casona, to show where the process begins within the area of cane is mounted a sort of distillery or still to show what is the process by which extracted the spirit drinks, then extraction of cane juice as raw material in the mill of oxen. Subsequently be directed to the BBQ dinner, which shows how to prepare different types of liquor and the opportunity to develop your own cocktails of Costa Rica, is enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner with candles and torches around the garden and two hours of happy Tropical Live Music for Dancing!

Cantidad de horas en la actividad: 4 Horas