Reservations, Payments, and Cancellations Policies.


Contact us by email and we will answer your requests by the same mean.

To guarantee your reservation we will request a prepayment deposit within 30 days priority or a credit card number and its expiration date.


Tours, Activities, and Meals

  • Up to 8 days before arrival: No charge
  • 7-1 days before arrival: 50% charge.
  • On the arrival day and no-shows: 100% charge.

   Special Events

For every special event a contract with the respective reservation, payment, cancellation policies and others is signed.    Accommodation

  • Up to 8 days before arrival: No charge
  • 07-01 days before arrival: 1 night charge
  • 00 days and no-shows: 100% of reservation


For payments to our accounts:


Cédula Jurídica 3-102-638912 BAC SAN JOSE

Dollars Account: 916239478

Client Account: 10200009162394788

Policies for Children and Guide/Driver Children Policy

   Meals, Tours and Activities

  • Children from 0-4.99 years do not pay.

Children over 5 years-11 years of age receive a 25% discount.

    Accommodation

  • Children between 0 to 11 years of age pay 20% off from regular rate.
  • Children of 12 years of age or older sharing their parents’ room pay the full rate


Guide, Driver Policy

  • 1 Guide, 1 driver free of charge (meal and natural beverage of the house)

.      Tour Leader pays meals.

Tours and Activities

  • 1 Guide, 1 driver, 1 Tour leader are free of charge


  • 1 Guide and 1 driver free charge
  • Tour Leader pay full charge