with Live Music, Moonshine Destillation & BBQ

This tour is a journey back to the beginning of our history as a nation. Here you will be part of what our grandparents used to call a milling day. You will experience, step by step, each one of the process that are required to complete a milling and at the end, you will be delighted with all the products you get from the sweet sugar cane. This activity is offered for groups of ten or more people and is a day tour from 8:30 am through1:00 p.m.


(8:30 a.m.): Our visitors will be welcomed by the Herrera´ s Family at La Casona. After that, we will head towards
to our sugar mill and start the milling. After that, we will share a refreshing glass of sugar cane juice. During all this time,
our host will talk about the benefits of the sugar cane mill and also the important issue has for our culture as well as other
aspects related to the milling. (9:00 a.m.) To continue, a short walk through our facilities will be offered. The next stop will
be our kitchen, where we will receive a short lesson about preparing a traditional coffee break using our wooden stove.
The participation of our visitors will be requested in order to make tortillas and the coffee as well. (10:00 a.m.) To move
forward with the tour, our guests must get into our tractor pulled wagon in which we will start the journey through the real
Costa Rica. During this trip they would be able to watch different plantations and at the same time they will enjoy of the
scenery that, among other things, offers the warm greeting of the always modest villager. Upon our arrival to the town

school, our guests will be received by the students and immediately directed to a classroom, where they will enjoy of an
artistic performance. Traditional dance and music have been prepared for them by the same students. After that, they will
tour the rest of the school to observe the circumstances under which these kids are studying. (11:00 a.m.) The tour goes
back to Casona. (11:30 MD). Back at La Casona, we will visit the mill again in order to observe the progress on the milling
and to taste the delicious see all the different products we have gotten from the milling: tapas de dulce, sobado, perico,
melcocha and the very traditional Guaro `e caña (alcohol). (12:00 PM). To continue, we will have a delicious lunch,

cooked and served in the traditional way with live Music (1:30 p.m.) Farewells