This tour shows just part of one of our most important traditions while proving that is possible to live in harmony with the Environment.

MORNING TOUR: (9:00 A.M.):

Our visitors will be welcomed at one of the three different rural schools of the area, our guests will be received by the students
beautifully dressed in Folkloric clothing and immediately directed to the classroom area, where they will enjoy of an artistic
performance. Traditional dance and music have been prepared for them by the same students. After that, they will tour the rest of
the school to observe the circumstances under which these kids are studying. (10:00 a.m.) To move forward with the tour, our
guests must get into our tractor pulled wagon in which we will start the journey through the real Costa Rica. During this tri p they
would be able to watch different plantations and at the same time they will enjoy of the scenery that, among other things, offers the
warm greeting of the always modest villager The tour goes on the wagon to La Casona, a renowned Costa Rican historical site near
the Arenal Volcano. La Casona is an elegant, turn-of-the-century country home of former Costa Rican president Rafael Iglesias and
It´s considered one of the most-charming and authentic cultural sites in Costa Rica. The owner family of Elieth and Milton are famous
for their warm. Visitors will be welcomed at terrace of Tico hospitality, in a place full with history, culture and traditions. Here, we
will gladly greet them while we talk about the large and interesting history of the place and have some of the original Costa Rican
Rum homemade famous recipe as a welcome drink this local farm where we will be learning about organic farming and plantations
of pineapple, papaya, yucca, tiquisque and medicinal garden, they will have a refreshing fruits snack and taste season products
wonders. (11:30 a.m.). our visitors will receive a short lesson about making a traditional coffee and a fresh made tortilla for lunch,
while the lunch is getting ready we will visit the sugar cane mill, where we will share a little bit more about this monument to the
Costa Rican rural worker. Our visitors will know the process of the sugar cane mill as it was a bit more than one hundred years ago.
(12:00 MD) Once the visit to the mill has finished, will have the opportunity to finish have lunch, cooked old fashion way on our
wood stove and served in the traditional way on a banana leaf, fresh coffee, our famous coffee liquor homemade and listen live
typical songs playing by the owner Eli Herrera and friends to cheer up (1:30 p.m.) Farewells.

Classification: Cultural activity.

Recommended for: Culture interested people.

Lunch or Dinner & traditional tortilla class with coffee and our famous homemade liquor. Spiritual Farmer Drinks. Sugar Cane Mill juice and

fruits snack. Visit the different organic and medicinal plantations at Casona Self Sostenible Farm. Tractor wagon ride though the village. Visit to the local Middle School and children performed dances in traditional dress.

You must bring: Comfortable clothing, camera and binoculars. Comfortable shoes. In Rainy Season: bring umbrella & raincoat Tour length: Three and a half hours.

Minimum amount of people to run it: Two PAX. START SCHELDULES:

9:00 A.M.   Finished with Lunch

12  MD           Start with Lunch

3:00 P.M.       Finished with Dinner