Typical Lunch or Dinner with Costa Rican Taste

As our ancestors, we use the original wood stove in la Casona for the preparation of our delicious countrystyle dishes. We offer a carefully selected 3- course lunch that allow you to taste traditional Costa Rican food
prepared with organics herbs very popular in rural areas and cooked on our wood stove.

Enjoy healthy food produced organically by us and small farmers around Casona Rio Fortuna as part of our efforts for a sustainable development of this rural area. Share with us the pleasure of having lunch
surrounded by nature, birds, nice surroundings, and the most typical style possible.

The typical dish is Casado: Fresh made rice, red beans, green salad, cassava or yucca, plantain or fried banana,
“picadillo” yellow potatoe with green papaya, chile- homemade spice (optional), also the option to choose
between Chicken Tomato Criollo, Beef Stove in Fresh Tomato, and Vegetarian, coffee or tea, dessert and
Chocolate Licor Cream as a digestive. **All orders for Groups must be reserve in advance to Casona**